Last week in the English Summer Camp

On Monday, Frank and Sally informed us that this was the last week of the summer camp! For this reason they brought us a really famous invent: the car.

| 25-07-2014

Fourth week in the English Summer Camp

One more week the children from the summer camp have discovered a new invent, the TELEVISION!!

| 21-07-2014

Infant English Summer Camp: 3rd

This week the girls and boys in the Summer Camp have had a great time! We have learned about the LIGHT! We have learned that it was invented by Thomas Edison.

| 14-07-2014

Infant English Summer Camp: 2nd week

This week at the Summer Camp we have discovered the origins of the telephone. We have also invented some original and funny telephones.

| 07-07-2014

Infant English Summer Camp: 1rst week

This week, we have met Frank and Sally at the Infant and Junior English summer school. We have started to discover some invents that they have brought us. Here you have some pictures to show you that we’re having a lot of fun!

| 30-06-2014