Exchange to Marymount, New York

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| 02-10-2017

“We flew to New York on the 15th of September, and just in ten days we’ve already done lots of things either with the school or on our own.

The first day, Miss Kurtner picked us up at the airport and we spent all the Friday afternoon and Saturday with our hosts families. On Sunday we went all together to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and to the Oculus.

On Monday we started school, and we were given a tour and presented to our classes. We noticed that the building is very different from Sant Ignasi: Marymount is smaller and has many more stairs. Nevertheless, the school is more similar to our that we thought it would; the way to teach is very similar, but their facilities and classrooms are quite different; they change pupils in every subject and in each class they are less than 20 students. They also have less classes, but they last longer than ours. We have also noticed that the teachers are very close to their students.

The next day we went to Broadway. First, though, we had pizza dinner with the Marymount teachers and our hosts, and it was very nice. We saw the Anastasia theater play, which was interesting and very beautiful.

We spend most of the afternoons doing activities with our hosts or on our own in case they can’t come, such as going to the Met (where we get a free pass as Marymount students), Times square, shopping in SoHo, walking down the 5th Avenue or in the Central Park, visit the Guggenheim museum… Our hosts also took us to the Rockefeller Center, to the Top of the rock, and watched a movie in one of the hosts’ house.

Moreover, we are learning a lot about the American culture: their customs, education, food... which is very different from ours. New York is a popular, vibrant, big and cosmopolitan city, what makes it so multicultural. We can easily appreciate that when walking through the streets: its buildings, people, shops… demonstrate that this is an open-minded city.

In conclusion, so far we have got to know the school and New York. We have also become friends with our hosts and had a good relationship with our hosts. We are already looking forward for them to come!”


Maria Bernal, Mireia Comabella, Txell Puiggròs, Ariadna Quingles, Adriana Sanjurjo